4 Ways to Stay Motivated to Grow Your Business

4 Ways to Stay Motivated to Grow Your Business

Having a positive mindset, revisiting your purpose, setting and achieving goals, and taking regular breaks are four of the best ways to stay motivated and grow your business. Always remember, that there is no failure! Also, keep in mind that failure is your perception. Most people look at failure as the opposite of success, which is not true, it is actually a part of success.

1. Revisit your purpose.

It is important to revisit the reason you started your business! Finding out your “why” will help clear your mind and focus on the outcome if you do take action. It takes dedication to grow your business so finding out your “why” will give you motivation to continue. Also, if your reason is not engaging enough alter your “why”. Reflect on compelling reasons that you began and if it is a strong enough reason, you can get through any “what” and “how”.

-You create your own strategy
-You can hire who you want
-You can operate according to your own values
-You can build equity in your businesses

2. Manage your thoughts.

Manage your thoughts to a positive light. Negative thoughts release chemicals like cortisol which cause feelings of anxiety and depression. Neurotransmitters are released helping us feel better when we think positive and have optimistic thoughts. We cannot control external circumstances in business or in life, however we have the ability to choose our thoughts. Successful entrepreneurs have mastered positive and optimistic thinking. Focus on ways that can make something work rather than reasons it won’t work. Also, manage your expectations by understanding that business can be challenging.

3. Set and achieve goals.

Making progress towards a destination is not only motivating, but also in a way satisfying. Entrepreneurs who set and achieve goals are linked to an exciting vision. The process is simple. Set goals that are consistent with their longer-term vision that are attainable and reachable. Create step by step actions and a method for accomplishing these goals. Physically and mentally take action and work towards the plan. If you fail to meet a goal, it is okay, for there can be no success without failure. However, keeping a positive mindset and having realistic expectations can help in the process. Once a goal is achieved, it is important to reward yourself. This increases motivation and confidence in order to begin the progress again.

4. Take a BREAK!

Launching a new business is challenging and time consuming! If you do not stop here and there you can run out of gas. We are all better at things we love, if we take regular breaks from them. Taking a break gives us rest, rejuvenates us, and prepares us to go back to what we love doing. Merging livelihood and lifestyle is important. Continue to participate in things that you love to do whether it be skiing, boating, hiking, traveling, or time with family and friends.

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