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4 Reasons You Should Switch to Fusion 180° Ink and Go Green

Fusion 180° Ink and our Multi-purpose cleaner are both environmentally friendly products. Our ink is eco-friendly due to the inks extremely low cure temperature.  Save Energy. Lowering the temperature of your dryer to 240°F will not only save energy and consumption, but will also reduce emissions.  Save Money. Your energy bill will be reduced and you will […]

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6 Tips to Reduce Waste at your Screen Print Shop

Reducing your waste will help you run an efficient screen print shop. Waste is generated from misprints, ink, boxes, and many other containers. How do you get it all under control? Simple. Not only can you reuse and recycle garments, but you can reduce wasted ink and supplies. GARMENTS. Reuse. Reuse misprinted garments by using […]

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5-Step Guide to Make your Screen Print Shop More Environmentally Friendly

Background: Do you want to make your shop more environmentally friendly and essentially save money, but don’t know where to begin? Reducing waste, switching to eco-friendly supplies, and offering sustainable apparel will help with not only the ecosystem, but also your wallet. Personal responsibility, customer demand, and a desire to cut costs and waste are […]

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