Month: March 2020

Dehazing Screens 101

What is Dehazing Screens? Removing the stain or “ghost image” present post printing within the screen mesh is also known as dehazing your screens. This stain in the mesh needs to be dehazed, as it would help prepare to register your screens on press for the next job. What Causes Ghost Stains in Your Screen […]

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7 Social Media Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Business

7 Social Media Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Business 1. Engagement- My first tip would be to comment and like other posts based on a hashtag, upon those who might be interested in your content or purchasing your products. Your ideal target hashtag. For example, if you would like to sell screen printed t-shirts […]

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Tips for Screen Printing with Metallic Low Cure Ink

TIPS FOR SCREEN PRINTING WITH METALLIC LOW CURE INK! Our foil grade metallic ink comes in handy for a shiny and bright print. The ink contains actual metallic flakes that are added within the ink, creating a metallic look to your print. We have two options available either metallic gold or silver. The below print […]

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