Dehazing Screens 101

What is Dehazing Screens?

Removing the stain or “ghost image” present post printing within the screen mesh is also known as dehazing your screens. This stain in the mesh needs to be dehazed, as it would help prepare to register your screens on press for the next job.

What Causes Ghost Stains in Your Screen Mesh?

  1. Ink- One of the major causes of ‘Ghost Stains’ in your mesh is from the screen printing ink that you use. Specifically, if you let the ink set in the screen too long post screen printing. Water based and discharge ink stains more than our regular plastisol based ink.

  2. Exposure Time. Improper exposure time, whether it be under or over exposing your screens,  can lead to ghost stains in your mesh.

TIP: Dehazing chemicals can be toxic, we recommend using biodegradable chemicals for dehazing.

What is the Process to Dehaze Your Screens?

The process is simple.

  1. Wet down the screen with water

  2. Mist the old ghost stain in the mesh with a spray bottle

  3. Scrub stain in mesh with a scrub pad

  4.  Rinse dehazer and mesh off

  5.  Ghost image should be removed

Some stains may be harder to remove than others and it may take a couple of times cycling through the process listed above to completely get rid of old ghost stains.

The next step will be degreasing.

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