Month: January 2020

Finding the Right Exposure Time

Finding the Right Exposure Time Background: Exposure times will vary depending on multiple factors. These factors include the amount of emulsion that is coated onto our screens, the age of our exposure bulb, as well as the mesh that we use. Lastly, the time will also depend upon the wattage of our unit. The key […]

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11 Tips for the Care and Handling of Screens

11 Tips for the Care and Handling of Screens Taking care of your screens is simple by following our eleven simple tips. Additional care is necessary between degreasing to when we expose the screens. Screens tend to attract dust as well as other contaminants when they are wet. These contaminants then can create pinholes when […]

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Happy NEW YEAR! We are so grateful for all of our amazing customers and we wish you nothing but happiness, joy, success, and peace in 2020. This post is revealing our TOP 35 prints of 2019! If you would like us to feature your prints of 2019 PLEASE comment below. As always, we want to […]

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