Month: January 2018

5 Tips for Creating Quality Artwork for Screen Printing

Artwork is one of the most important factors of screen-printing. In order to create breathtaking prints that your customers will love use high quality art. Misprints can occur, even at experienced shops, however there are ways to avoid them with high resolution art to keep your prints crisp and clear. Tip #1: Make Clear Guidelines […]

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Top 25 Fusion 180° Ink Crisp and Clear Prints of 2017

Fusion 180° Ink prints are bright, crisp, and clear on all fabrics including heat sensitive materials. The low cure temperature enables you to print on non woven bags and nylon bags without shrinking, melting, or distorting the fabric. Listed are the BEST Fusion 180° prints in 2017 on various fabrics. Bengal Tiger. The bengal tiger detailed […]

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