Month: April 2022

18 Promotional Items to Add to Your Screen Print Shop in 2022

Promotional items can be super trendy! T-shirts, mugs, and water bottles are some of the most common promotional items. Listed below are 15 ideas of products that you can add to your shop to help your customers promote their business. Tote Bags Sunglasses Pens Hats Umbrellas Apparel (Raincoats, Sweatshirts, Tanks, T-shirts, ETC.) Backpacks Mugs Coozies […]

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Top 10 Prints with Our Low Cure White Biodegradable Ink

Fusion 180° is the ink of the future. Our dream was to create a extreme low temperature ink that will change screen printing for everyone in the industry and that is exactly what we accomplished with dedication and determination. Do you run into problems when printing on heat sensitive materials? Do you want to save […]

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Most Recent Blog Posts!

Recent Posts 5 Tips to Make Your Screen Print Shop Stand Out 10 Tools to Add to Your Screen Print Shop To Grow Your Business 8 TIPS FOR CREATING QUALITY ARTWORK AND PRINTING WITH LOW CURE INK 8 Fabrics Low Cure Ink Adheres to 5 Videos Curing Fusion 180 with a Flash How to Mix […]

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