Month: August 2019

6 Fabrics Low Temperature Ink Adheres to

6 Fabrics Low Cure Ink Adheres to Low temperature ink cures at 260 degrees Fahrenheit without a catalyst. Lowering the dryer temperature enables you to screen print on all fabrics from polypropylene and nylon to cotton and 50%/50% sweatshirts. The ink is easy to use, super soft, and creamy. Results are crisp, clean, beautiful, and […]

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5 Steps for Prepping a Screen

5 Steps for Prepping a Screen Background: Prepping a screen involves several variables from selecting the proper mesh count and mesh thread diameter to choosing the right screen tension.. Follow these five steps to guarantee quality, industry level results every time. Step 1: Proper Mesh Count The proper mesh count is determined by the garment […]

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