5 Fabrics Low Temperature Ink Adheres to…

5 Fabrics Low Cure Ink Adheres to… (NEW Screen Prints Below!)

Low temperature ink cures at a 240 degrees Fahrenheit to 260 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the garment you are printing on without a catalyst. Lowering the dryer temperature enables you to screen print on all fabrics from polypropylene and nylon to cotton and 50%/50% sweatshirts. The ink is easy to use, super soft, and creamy. Results are crisp, clean, beautiful, and bold as shown in the photos below. Truly nothing like our ink. Game changer !!!!

1. Covers fibers on 100% cotton with excellent opacity and coverage!

In the comment section below, guess how many colors are in this unicorn print. 2. Prevents Nylon from Shrinking Please click on the image below to read ‘Tips and Tools for Screen Printing on Nylon’

3. Prevents non woven bags from burning. Seriously, all you have to do is lower your dryer temperature. You do not need a catalyst or have to worry about ink expiring.

4. Blocks dye migration on polyester. Our white is super soft and creamy.


5. Prevents the rayon within tri-blend from burning. Tri-blend fabrics can be complicated to print on, but not with low temperature ink!


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