Top 10 Screen Prints of 2023

Fusion 180 Ink is biodegradable and has excellent opacity and coverage. The ink works great on all fabrics without a catalyst. You do not have to worry about ink expiring. The ink works on cotton, polyester, 50/50 fabrics, nylon, non-woven, and more. Below are the top 10 prints of 2023.

-Excellent Opacity on Dark Color Garments

-Biodegradable Ink

-Covers Fibers on Cotton

-Prevents Heat Sensitive Fabrics from Shrinking or Burning

-Adheres to Thicker Fabrics, including Raincoats and Sweatshirts

-Blocks Dye Migration on Polyester and Sublimated Polyester

-No Catalyst Needed

-Cures at a temperature of 260 degrees Fahrenheit or with a Flash

-Prevents Scorching

-Bleed and Crack Resistant

-Prevents Rayon within Tri Blend Fabrics from Burning

-Can be Used as a Transfer Ink and Foil Adhesive

-Perfect Viscosity

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