Month: November 2022

7 Tips for Printing on Sweatshirts

7 Tips for Printing on Sweatshirts  Black Ink Screen printing on sweatshirts tends to be more difficult than printing on t-shirts. Printing on both sweatshirts and sweatpants provides different screen printing techniques.  Tip #1: More adhesive than usual to hold the garment in place is necessary. Failure to have enough will cause the garment to lift. The […]

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Top 10 Prints of Fall

Top 10 Prints of Fall Do you have any problems printing on heat sensitive fabrics? Look no further than low temperature ink. You can print on all fabrics with our one formula. Below are our top 10 prints of FALL! We love how each item turned out. We used our low cure ink for each […]

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12 Facts About Low Cure Ink

12 Facts About Low Cure Ink We have a screen printing factory using low temperature ink and are constantly printing on various types of apparel. The ink used at our factory is our Fusion 180 BIODEGRADABLE low-temperature ink. Below are 12 facts about low-cure ink. How did it all start? If you did not know, we could […]

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