Top 10 Prints of Fall

Top 10 Prints of Fall

Do you have any problems printing on heat sensitive fabrics? Look no further than low temperature ink. You can print on all fabrics with our one formula. Below are our top 10 prints of FALL! We love how each item turned out. We used our low cure ink for each print on various fabrics. The ink can cure with a flash and is biodegradable.

1- Elevate Trampoline Park

  • What ink did we use for this print on 100% cotton? WHITE | BLACK | CUSTOM COLOR

  • The ink covers fibers and looks amazing!

  • Did you know? We can mix any custom color for you at a gallon!

2- Arizona Iced Tea

3- Be Kind

4- The Met

  • This print is beautiful.

  • Comment down below how many color imprints was used to create this print!

  • What ink did we use for this print? WHITE | BLACK | CUSTOM COLOR | STOCK COLORS

5- Los Angeles

6- Butterfly

7- NF

8- The Met

9- TFM

10. PNC Bank

BONUS: The Met