18 Promotional Items to Add to Your Screen Print Shop in 2022

Promotional items can be super trendy! T-shirts, mugs, and water bottles are some of the most common promotional items. Listed below are 15 ideas of products that you can add to your shop to help your customers promote their business.

  1. Tote Bags

  2. Sunglasses

  3. Pens

  4. Hats

  5. Umbrellas

  6. Apparel (Raincoats, Sweatshirts, Tanks, T-shirts, ETC.)

  7. Backpacks

  8. Mugs

  9. Coozies

  10. Water bottles

  11. Stickers

  12. Keychains

  13. Fleece Blankets

  14. Beanie

  15. Mouse Pad

  16. Pillow

  17. Charger

  18. Hand Sanitizer


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