• Fusion 180° Ink- Stock Colors
  • Extreme Low Temperature Biodegradable Ink
  • Flexible, soft, and has excellent opacity on dark color garment
  • The proper curing time and mesh vary depending on the thickness of ink deposit, garment, color of garment, artwork, and desired effect
  • For more information please visit our Technical Information Page
  • We can make custom colors with no additional charge at a gallon.
  • For 30 or 55 Gallon call for quote 1.800.788.9122



Background Information

Fusion 180° is the ink of the future. Our dream was to create a extreme low temperature ink that will change screen printing for everyone in the industry and that is exactly what we accomplished with dedication and determination. Do you run into problems when printing on heat sensitive materials? Do you want to save money by not having to replace garments damaged by high heat or dye-migration?  Look no further… Fusion 180° was created to solve all of these issues. All you have to do is lower the temperature of your dryer.


  1. Proper mesh and curing temperature depends on the thickness of ink deposit, garment, color of garment, artwork, and desired effect
  2. The ink cures at 240°F to 260°F for 70 seconds or at 450° with a flash
  3. The mesh range is 86 mesh/inch to 305 mesh/inch
  4. Flexible, soft, and has excellent opacity on dark color garments
  5. Bleed and crack resistant
  6. No catalyst needed
  7. Will not shrink or melt heat sensitive materials  (nylon, non woven bags, polypropylene, etc.)
  8. Adheres to thicker fabrics (50% cotton/ 50% polyester sweatshirts)
  9. Covers fibers on 100% cotton
  10. Prevents Dye Migration on 100% polyester, 50/50 sweatshirts, and sublimated polyester
  11. Can be used as a transfer ink and foil adhesive
  12. Prevents the elimination of toxic atoms from PVC Polymer and the formation of HCI (Hydro-Chloride Gas)
  13. You may no longer need ink cleaners made with petro-chemicals such as blended solvents
  14. Saves energy, consumption, and space
  15. Reduces energy bill and emissions
  16. Increases production


Additional information

Weight N/A
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Athletic Gold 136, Bright Blue 2925, Bright Gold 1235, Bright Royal Blue 2748, Burnt Orange 172, Cardinal Red 200, Chrome Yellow 123, Cool Grey 10C, Dallas Green 348, Dark Maroon 7428, Dolphine Orange 1645, Dove Grey 8c, Flag Red 186, Forest Green 343, Golden Yellow 1375, Holiday Green 356, Kelly Green 568, Lemon Yellow 108, Light Blue 292, Light Gold 1225, Light Green 7482, Light Maroon 202, Light Navy Blue 282, Light Pink 190, Light Purple- Violet, Light Royal Blue 286, Light Yellow 1225, Reflex Blue, Royal Blue 280, Rubine Red, Russel Grey 1c, Scarlet Red 185, Turquoise Blue 326, Warm Red


5 Gallon, Gallon, Quart


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Why Fusion 180° Ink

Solutions to all of your screen printing problems are here now that we developed Fusion 180° low cure temperature ink. The ink can print on virtually any fabric including heat sensitive materials.