Top 25 Fusion 180° Ink Crisp and Clear Prints of 2017

Fusion 180° Ink prints are bright, crisp, and clear on all fabrics including heat sensitive materials. The low cure temperature enables you to print on non woven bags and nylon bags without shrinking, melting, or distorting the fabric. Listed are the BEST Fusion 180° prints in 2017 on various fabrics.

  • Bengal Tiger. The bengal tiger detailed print made with Fusion 180° on a 100% cotton short sleeve t-shirt takes first place. The ink covers fibers on 100% Cotton. 
  • The frogs printed with Fusion 180° Ink on an 100% cotton shirt takes second. The ink cured at 240 degrees for 40 seconds through the dryer.
  • This non woven bag printed with Fusion 180 ink takes third place. Curing the ink at 240 degrees and lowering the temperature of your dryer prevented the bag from melting. Quick Tip: Use one stroke and DO NOT cure with a flash!
  • The polypropylene bag printed with our white Fusion 180 Ink came out crisp, as the print had excellent coverage and opacity. The bag did not melt, once again, thanks to the low cure temperature. With Fusion 180 you will not need a catalyst and not have to worry about ink expiring. 
  • We used our Fusion 180 white ink on this sublimated polyester sweatshirt. The low cure temperature blocked dye migration and did not alter the inks color. 
  • This detailed, crisp, and clear lion was printed with Fusion 180 on a tri-bled garment. Click here to read ‘Tips for printing on Tri-Blend Garments.’
  • This non woven bag was printed with Fusion 180 Ink and did not shrink the bag as we cured at 240 degrees. We used one stroke. 8. This Fusion 180 print on 100% polyester blocked dye migration with excellent coverage and opacity. 
  • This detailed print of a wolf was printed with Fusion 180, the ink covered fibers on 100% cotton.
  • Horses printed with Fusion 180 on 100% Cotton came in 9th, as the details are photorealistic.
  • This crisp and clear deer art was printed with Fusion 180 on 100% Cotton.
  • This nylon bag printed with Fusion 180 Ink takes 11th. The ink did not melt fabric. We used one strokef. Learn more about printing on this heat sensitive material by reading this blog: ‘Tips and Tools for Printing on Nylon’ 
  • This raincoat printed with Fusion 180 ink came in 12th, as there was no need to use a transfer. 
  • This t-rex was printed with Fusion 180 on 100% Cotton. 
  • This owl was printed with Fusion 180  on 100% Cottoinkn.
  • This cat was printed with Fusion 180 on 100% Cotton. 
  • Unicorn Printed with Fusion 180 Ink on 100% Cotton! 
  • Elephant Printed with Fusion 180 Ink on 100% Cotton. 
  • Fusion 180 can be used as a transfer. 
  • The ‘Chainsmokers’ new album release t-shirts were printed with Fusion 180. The print was detailed, photo realistic, crisp, and clear print.
  • This fox was printed with Fusion 180 Ink on a 100% cotton t-shirt.
  • This reptile was printed with Fusion 180 Ink.
  • Non Woven Bag printed with Fusion 180.
  • Nylon Bag
  • White Print on a 50/50 Sweatshirt. Read similar blog posts:
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