Happy NEW YEAR! We are so grateful for all of our amazing customers and we wish you nothing but happiness, joy, success, and peace in 2020. This post is revealing our TOP 35 prints of 2019! If you would like us to feature your prints of 2019 PLEASE comment below. As always, we want to go over a few features of low cure ink…

  1. EXCELLENT opacity and coverage

  2. WORKS on all fabrics (Nylon, Cotton, Polyester, 50/50, Tri-blend, Rayon, Non Woven, Polypropylene, Sweatshirts, Cotton Twill Bags, Raincoats… ETC.) Name the fabric. The ink will adhere.

  3. Prevents shrinking/melting

  4. Blocks dye migration

  5.  No catalyst needed

  6.  Crack and Bleed Resistant

  7.  Results are INCREDIBLE

  8. Soft and creamy formula!

  9. Cures at a low temperature of 240 degrees F- 260 degrees F depending on the garment

  10. Cure with a flash

  11. Covers fibers

  12. Works WELL! (You will not regret switching to our ink) SO, without further or do…. check out our top 35 prints…