11 Tips for the Care and Handling of Screens

11 Tips for the Care and Handling of Screens

Taking care of your screens is simple by following our eleven simple tips.

  1. Additional care is necessary between degreasing to when we expose the screens. Screens tend to attract dust as well as other contaminants when they are wet. These contaminants then can create pinholes when the lint or dust is attached to a screen.

  2. After degreasing,  dry the screen in a clean, dust-free room again as quickly as possible.

  3.  A dehumidifier will speed up the process.

  4. Always protect mesh from sharp edges.

  5.  Never place hands on mesh area, as your hands have natural oils. Oil from hands can cause pinholes as well.

  6.  Coat screens after degreasing and drying.

  7.  After coating with emulsion, dry screens.

  8. Wet emulsion attracts dust and lint into air.

  9. Emulsion coated screen needs to be protected from light to keep it from being prematurely exposed.

  10.  After exposing and drying your screens, dust as well as oil from your hands will not affect your completely prepped screens.

  11.  Wipe obvious contaminants away from mesh before production.