7 Social Media Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Business

7 Social Media Tips and Tricks to Grow Your Business

1. Engagement- My first tip would be to comment and like other posts based on a hashtag, upon those who might be interested in your content or purchasing your products. Your ideal target hashtag. For example, if you would like to sell screen printed t-shirts to summer camps. You might like, comment, and follow the hashtag #SummerCamps.

2. Do NOT Follow and Unfollow- This tip is VITAL. This method back fires and simply does not work. You are not trying to build a following and cut people off, no! That is not what you want at all, but rather you want to grow relationships.You CAN follow accounts if you are interested in everything they are posting. Follow someone if you think you can grow a relationship with them.

3. High QUALITY Images- I cannot stress this enough. Make sure your photos and images have a focal point and are quality. Prints must be centered. I am interested in getting higher quality photos, and might invest in a camera.

4. Consistency is KEY- Be consistent! Post everyday. Also, update your story on instagram, for this will drive more traffic to your own account.

5. Content is KING. The purpose of social media is simply NOT to sell.

People don’t like products being pushed onto them. So instead ADD value.
TYPES OF CONTENT: Videos, Blog Posts, Podcasts
Content must educate and inspire.

Yes, the end result that you would like to have from social media is a sale. I am not saying don’t sell AT ALL.

Add value, then SELL.

You are allowed to be promotional 30% of the time and add value/entertain the other 70% of the time.

6. MIX IT UP! Mix up your posts. Do not always post the same thing.
-Photos from different angles
-Behind the Scenes footage
-About you or your business
-Photos of you

7. DEFINE Your Brand. For example, have an account specifically for your t-shirt product line. Do not post your cat, your dinner, then your t-shirt line. Be consistent. For example- Let’s say you have shirts that are specifically about a place…. Los Angeles…..

ADD VALUE FIRST- Post beautiful photos, facts, tips, and things to do in Los Angeles.

SELL SECOND- Then 30% of the time post a photo of a T-SHIRT from your store.