Tips for Screen Printing with Metallic Low Cure Ink


Our foil grade metallic ink comes in handy for a shiny and bright print. The ink contains actual metallic flakes that are added within the ink, creating a metallic look to your print. We have two options available either metallic gold or silver. The below print is metallic gold ink on 100% cotton black long sleeve shirt. For this print, we used 86 mesh two times.

2 Tips:

1. We recommend using 86-158 mesh and cure at 240°F through the dryer.
2. Metallic Inks take longer to cure because the metallic flakes in the ink reflect the heat of the dryer.

13 Facts About Low Cure Ink:

  1. Flexible, soft, and has excellent opacity on dark color garments
  2. Bleed and crack resistant
  3. No catalyst needed
  4. Will not shrink or melt heat sensitive materials (nylon, non woven bags, polypropylene, etc.)
  5. Adheres to thicker fabrics (50% cotton/ 50% polyester sweatshirts, raincoats, etc.)
  6. Covers fibers on 100% cotton
  7. Prevents dye migration on 100% polyester, 50/50 sweatshirts, and sublimated polyester
  8. Can be used as a transfer ink and foil adhesive
  9. Prevents the elimination of toxic atoms from PVC Polymer and the formation of HCI (Hydro-Chloride Gas)
  10. You may no longer need ink cleaners made with petro-chemicals such as blended solvents
  11. Saves energy, consumption, and space
  12. Reduces energy bill and emissions
  13. Increases production


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