7 Facts About Low Temperautre Ink

7 Facts About Low Temperature Ink

Solutions to your screen printing problems are here now that we developed low cure ink. Here are 7 facts about our ink and essentially why to switch and how switching will save you money in the long run.

  1. Print on ALL fabrics with ONE formula

  2. Cure at 240°F on polyester and 260°F on cotton

  3. Cure the ink with a flash without a catalyst

  4. Save energy by lowering the temperature of your dryer

  5. Blocks dye migration on polyester, 50/50 sweatshirts, and sublimated polyester

  6. Covers fibers on 100% cotton

  7. Prevents crawling, melting, burning, shrinking, and scorching of heat sensitive fabrics.

How will you save money?

Your screen print shop can save money by not having to replace garments damaged by dye migration. Switching to Fusion 180 will lead to an increase in production, as you can cure the ink with a flash, essentially saving time and money.

FUN FACT: You will have a cooler screen print shop during the summer. 

Have you tested our low cure ink before? If so, please let us know we would love to hear your feedback. Don’t forget new customers can save 20% with code SAVE20 for your first order.

You can test our ink for free! Please send your name, email, phone, and ship to address to Ashley Bonner ([email protected]) We will ship right away.

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