5 Tips to Increase Productivity at Your Screen Print Shop


Maintaining an efficient screen print shop can be difficult, as screen printers tend to be bogged down by day-to-day operations.

That is why it is important to set aside time to analyze your current system, as this will give you an idea of how each department can be run differently if needed.

If you come to the realization that things are not running as smooth as they can be, here are five tips to help increase productivity at your screen print shop.


  1. Maintain a Clean Shop.  

    • Having a regular cleaning and maintenance program can maximize the machines life and performance. Wipe up ink drops and spills immediately. Cleaning can save the company time and money, leading to a more efficient shop.

  2. Motivate Your Employees.

    • Share your vision and goals with employees to let them know what you are looking to achieve. Trust your employees and give them a chance to grow. Know your employees professional goals and help them achieve those goals by offering training to help them move their careers forward.

  3. Ship Efficiently.

    • Guarantee on time delivery, by making sure the shipping option that the customer had requested is the one that is used. Ensure all information flows across the shop, efficiently, which will reduce coordination costs. If information flows systematically this will enable employees to be more aware and productive, keeping customers happy, and essentially increasing profits.

  4. Double Check.

    • Prior to shipping any order, double check if the correct number of items produced in the proper color and sizes are ready to ship. This will enable you to guarantee that clients won’t reject the order and the client gets exactly what they had wanted or needed.

  5. Switch to Fusion 180 Ink. 

    • Curing our ink with a flash will enable you to complete jobs quicker and have faster turnaround times. Click here to watch 1,500 impressions per hour cured with flashes by 6 operators.

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