4 Promotional Products to Add to Your Screen Print Shop Product Line



T-shirts are probably the first item that comes to mind when you think of screen-printed goods, however there are far more products that you can screen-print on than you can imagine. Do not be afraid to grow your product line and think outside of the box. This will essentially help grow your business!

  1. Custom Can Koozies

Custom Koozies are a fun and easy way to expand your product line. This item also a great way to get the name of a company or event in front of a lot of consumers at tailgates or sporting events. Koozies can be challenging screen print on, as they are made out of synthetic fabrics. This means that they are PRONE to dye migration. Fusion 180° ink will enable you to print on Koozies without any migration issues, as the ink cures at a low temperature. Screen printers can use Fusion 180 to print on this item with our puff agent to make the print STAND OUT! Koozies are a FUN and interesting product that we highly recommend you add to your product line!   PUFF AGENT: https://fusion180ink.com/product/low-cure-puff-agent/ 

  1. Custom Pet Promotional Items

    The pet industry brings in billions year after year and has been growing at a dramatic rate! There are TONS of promotional pet products to choose from including custom leashes, collars, dog shirts, jerseys, kerchiefs, outerwear, toys, and blankets.

  2. Screen Printing on Hats

Most screen printers don’t screen print on hats, as they often perceive this service to be challenging. Screen printing on hats will enable you to create a more detailed and unique design versus embroidering them.

How to print on hats? The answer is simple. You can use your screen print machine to print heat transfers of your design. Apply them to hats with a heat press.

FUN FACT: Fusion 180 CAN be used as a transfer ink.

  1. Decorated Pants    

 Decorated yoga pants, sweatpants, and athletic pants are a great up sell to your existing customers and can help you attract more customers. Use Fusion 180 to protect against shrinkage and dye migration. Most pants are made out of synthetic fabric including polyester and spandex.

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