5 Free Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website for Your Screen Printing Business

5 Free Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Website for Your Screen Printing Business

Driving traffic to your website is important for your screen printing business to grow. Following our guide as well as using google analytics will enable you to generate more leads, increase conversion rates, and get more customers. Not only will you be able to gather insight about your audience and improve your SEO for search engine credibility, but you will also be able to see how well your marketing is working. Below are five ways to drive more traffic to your site.

1. Get Social.

Not only do you have to post quality content, but you also need to post on social media proactively and daily. Read our SOCIAL MEDIA 101 guide for more information as far as which platforms to post and focus on as well as how many times to post on each specific platform. Don’t forget to use hashtags. On my SOCIAL MEDIA 101 guide I go into detail as far as how many hashtags to use for the specific platforms.

2. Use Landing Pages.

Create a specific landing page for your offers. For example, if you bring them to a landing page to enter there information and redeem a discount code or start a free trial that will bring more traffic to your website as well as help you create an email list. 

 3. Mix it Up.

Create different types of content and mix up what you are posting on social media. Make your content as appealing as possible for different types of readers. Vary the length and format of your content daily. Examples include infographics, videos, news-based blog posts, and quotes. Write headlines that are compelling and irresistible where they want to read more. Asking questions to your followers will help foster a sense of community. People want to speak their minds on a subject that they are passionate about.

4. Optimize Your Content for Search Engines.

Optimize your content by creating internal links within your blog posts and add meta descriptions.

Meta Description Definition: The description is a tag of HTML code in a web page header placed after the title tag and before the keywords tag. This code will show a small summary about the content on the webpage.

Lastly, make the most of image alt text as this can help boost organic traffic!

5. Examine Your Analytics Data.

Google Analytics is a valuable source of data and can help you determine your demographics and the most popular pages on your site. You can use visitor data information to see how, where, and when your site traffic is coming from and this can help with your promotional and content strategies.