10 Facts About Our Newest Invention, ‘Fusion Bond’


Fusion Bond is phthalate free plastisol ink with a coupling or bonding component. Fusion bond makes the ink behave as if it has a catalyst, yet does not have one and stays soft. A direct screen print will stick to heat sensitive coated materials. The ink cures at 220°F -240°F. Fabrics that can stand the heat of a flash can be cured with a flash at 450°F for 4 seconds. This includes polyester and cotton bags. Fusion bond was specially formulated with coupling capability for a revolutionary transfer method that eliminates weeding on colored garments.

10 Facts:

  1. Flash cure on all fabrics without catalyst

  2. Cure with a dryer at 220°F -240°F without catalyst

  3. Strong adhesion for direct screen print or transfer on cotton, polyester, nylon and coated materials

  4. Coupling capability with color laser toner (RICOH ProC5200s for best results)

  5. Strong wash durability

  6. Fusion Bond was formulated specifically to couple with four color process toner.

  7. Print clear polyester coated sheets with a Ricoh color copier.

  8. Fusion Bond is printed directly onto the sheets with a transfer press.

  9. Add fine water based transfer powder and gel in the dryer at 240 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 seconds

  10. Transfer 290 degrees Fahrenheit for five seconds and then cold peel the clear sheet away



Fusion bond enables you to create bright, durable four color process transfers that require no weeding and will stick to almost anything including coated materials. This ink is available in our white or stock colors.


Click the image or this link to view the results and watch our video about Fusion Bond!

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