Fusion Bond


Fusion Bond:

Fusion Bond is phthalate free plastisol ink with a coupling/bonding component. Fusion bond makes the ink behave as if it has a catalyst, yet does not have one and stays soft. A direct screen print will stick to heat sensitive coated materials. The ink cures at 220°F -240°F. Fabrics that can stand the heat of a flash can be cured with a flash at 450°F for 4 seconds. This includes polyester and cotton bags. Fusion bond was specially formulated with coupling capability for a revolutionary transfer method that eliminates weeding on colored garments.


-Flash cure on all fabrics without catalyst
-Cure with a dryer at 220°F -240°F without catalyst
-Strong adhesion for direct screen print or transfer on cotton, polyester, nylon and coated materials
-Coupling capability with color laser toner (RICOH ProC5200s for best results)
-Strong wash durability

Four Color Process Procedure:

-Print clear polyester coated sheets with a Ricoh color copier.
-Fusion Bond is printed directly onto the sheets with a transfer press.
-Add fine water based transfer powder and gel in the dryer at 240 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 seconds
-Transfer 310 degrees for 5 seconds and then cold peel the clear sheet away



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