Top 10 Screen Prints of Summer

Happy Summer! We are so happy to show you our top ten prints from this summer thus far and also share fun facts about our low cure ink!!

#1: We love this sublimated polyester shirt printed with our low cure white ink!

100% polyester dyes tend to turn to gas when they are heated in the dryer causing plastisol ink dye migration problems. Our easy to use ink prevents dye migration on 50/50 sweatshirts, 100% polyester, and sublimated polyester due to the inks blocking capability and low cure temperature.

#2: This shark week print is absolutely stunning. We are obsessed with the colors! View our stock color collection!

Solutions to all of your screen printing problems are here now that we developed Fusion 180° low cure temperature ink. The ink cures at 260°F for through the dryer or with a flash depending on the ink deposit and the type of garment you are printing on.

#3: We love this low cure white print on 100% cotton. The ink covers fibers.

We used our low cure black ink as well as a few colors from our yellow stock collection. 

#4: This print is kinda perfect! We used ink from our low cure red stock collection!

#5: We used our low cure white ink for this print!

The ink gels at low flash temperatures for easy use with multi-color printing. The ink does not require a catalyst. Does not build up on screen.

#6: This shark week print is everything! We are obsessed with it to be honest.

Another fun fact about our low cure all in one ink is that yes, you can print on any fabric and heat sensitive materials!!

(Polyester, soft vinyl material substrate acrylic, polypropylene, non-woven, artificial leather, nylon, 100% cotton and 50/50 sweatshirts, ETC.)

#7: We love this print we completed for Somers middle school graduates. We used ink from our low cure red stock collection as well as our low cure black ink on this print.

 Always store at cool room temperature below 90°F (32°F.) This Series Ink may be crystalized below 40°F. If this happens, increase ink temperature up to 70°F to 80°F by the slow mixing friction.

#8: This print came out amazing!!

Fabrics will burn or shrink while flash curing in the conveyor dryer. The low flash temperature reduces the shrinkage of heat sensitive materials and makes it easier to hold registration while printing multi-color jobs. Low temperature ink is an excellent solution for all shrinking fabrics.

 #9: This print came out STUNNING! We can make a custom color at a gallon with no extra charge. Please write the pantone color you would like at checkout and view our FULL stock color collection here. 

#10: This print is actually perfect. You can read our blog post on how to make halftone dots in photoshop here.

Listed below are a few different inks to purchase by category! Please feel free to send us your screen prints from this summer to be featured on our blog to [email protected]! Comment below your favorite t-shirt out of the ten shirts that we shared above!

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