Tips for Targeting the High School and College Market to Expand Your Business

High Schools, colleges and universities are prospects for screen printers. The need is clear for printed apparel and beyond. Research will enable you to target the massive college market and grow your screen-printing business. Students, parents, grandparents, and alumni are always looking for ways to show their school spirit.

1. ​Identify. Most people think they only want a garment with a basic logo in their school colors. However, you can find new opportunities by targeting specific student groups, campus events, and alumni.

A. Student Groups. Student groups range from extracurricular clubs, sororities, fraternities, and sports teams, etc. These ​groups need custom apparel daily for games, special events, rush weeks, and new members. You can earn yourself repeat customers if you can reach this targeted group.

B. ​Campus Events. Events occur continually on campus. Discover major campus events and assemble contact information for the event organizers.

C. Alumni. Don’t forget about Alumni! School loyalty does not end post graduation. They repeatedly buy apparel after college. Always consider branded garments that may appeal specifically to alumni.

​2. Do your Research.

You need to do your research prior to reaching out because there are licensing limitations. College logos and Greek Organizations have restrictions. You need to know the steps to undergo the process before you land your target client. Do research on trending marketing items for each subgroup. For example, sororities would look for garments specifically for women, while sports teams are looking for performance garments. Alumni would want higher quality garments. Once you have done your research, collected a list of groups and events for your college market, and are aware of the garments they will be interested in, you are in a great spot. The next and most important step is to find the correct person to talk to. You need to speak to those in charge of garment buying decisions. Figure out how you can provide the best service; even better than their current supplier.

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