6 Fabrics Fusion 180 Adheres to…


Solutions to all of your screen printing problems are here now that we developed Fusion 180° low cure temperature ink. The ink cures from 240°F to 260°F for through the dryer or with a flash depending on the ink deposit and the type of garment you are printing on.The ink can print on virtually all fabrics including heat sensitive materials. Lowering the temperature of your dryer…

1. Does not shrink or melt nylon, non woven, or polypropylene


2. Does not burn rayon or tri-blend garments

3. Blocks dye migration on 100% polyester

4. Covers fibers on 100% cotton

5. Prevents scorching on 50% cotton / 50% polyester sweatshirts

6. Adheres to thicker fabrics including raincoats and sweatshirts


FUN FACT: Can be used as a transfer ink


100% polyester dyes tend to turn to gas when they are heated in the dryer causing plastisol ink dye migration problems. Our easy to use ink prevents dye migration on 50/50 sweatshirts, 100% polyester, and sublimated polyester due to the inks blocking capability and low cure temperature. Fabrics will burn or shrink while flash curing in the conveyor dryer. The low flash temperature reduces the shrinkage of heat sensitive materials and makes it easier to hold registration while printing multi-color jobs. Low temperature ink is an excellent solution for all shrinking fabrics.