How to Grow Your Screen Print Business through Social Media

It is no question that social media will help grow your business, but are you feeling stuck on what to post? We are here to help. Yes, the end goal is a sale, but you need to know that you post on social media not mainly to sell, but rather to inspire, educate, entertain, and then sell. 90% of the time you are entertaining or educating and 10% of the time you are selling. Listed below are ways to grow your screen-printing business through social media and ideas on what to post.

  1. KNOW YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE: Know exactly who you are creating content for, what they want to learn about as well as what their needs are. What problem can you help them solve? What product or service do you offer that they might need?

  2. CREATE CONTENT: Content consists of blogging, podcasting, or creating videos. This is the key to success on social media. Blogging will help drive traffic to your website and is a great way to educate your audience before you sell to them.

  3. SOCIAL MEDIA- Figure out what platforms your audience is on. Do research on exactly who you want to sell to and where they are spending most of their time. Is your client small businesses? Are they local restaurant owners? Is it sports team managers? Who wants or needs custom t-shirts? Once you answer these questions you can then figure out what platform they are spending most of their time on. After you pick which platform to start posting on than focus on that. Do not put your energy into ten different places. Focus on one platform to get started. Is it Facebook? Instagram? Twitter? Pinterest? Tik Tok?

  4. REACH OUT– Figure out who the buyer is from your targeted following that you curated. This will help you then take the next step to reach out to the company via email and show off your work and offer. This is the best way to turn your follower into a business relationship.

  5. WHEN + WHAT TO SHARE? If you decide to pick Instagram for your platform to focus on, then high-quality images and videos are a must. Figure out how to make Reels, as they seem to get the most views these days with trending music. For Instagram it is best to post one time per day, however if you are using twitter you can post up to ten times a day. Below is a list of ideas on what to post!


  1. Photos of your printed shirts + work

  2. Behind the scenes footage

  3. About your company + how you started

  4. About yourself + your office pup

  5. Content that you have created (BLOG, VIDEOS, PODCAST)

  6. Photos of Ink + Mixing Ink

  7. Inspiration + Motivational post

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