Do It Yourself- Fusion Bond 4 Color Process Transfer

All decorators struggle with jobs that contain a variety of print colors in small quantities. 4 Color Process Fusion Bond Transfers are the answer. Not direct to garment printers!


Fusion Bond transfers are printed out of a Ricoh printer onto special clear film.  The under base positive is printed out of the same Ricoh printer.  Make your under base screen with 110 mesh and register to the print on the film.  Then print Fusion Bond white ink directly onto the toner as the under base.  No catalyst is needed.  Apply powder glue and gel 220 degrees for 40 seconds through your dryer.  Apply the transfer to the bag, cap or garment at 310 degrees for 5 seconds.  Peel the film off in 10-15 seconds.  The ink is engineered to couple with the toner. So the transfer ink is all you feel on the garment, making it soft.  No weeding or cutting.  Sticks to almost any substrate including non woven and coated materials.


Please don’t hesitate to reach out to Dave and learn more about the process: [email protected]