4 Step Guide to Help Set Up the Best Screen Printing Darkroom

4 Step Guide to Help Set Up the Best Screen Printing Darkroom:

A darkroom is the most important area of a screen print shop. Any spare room can be converted into a functional dark room.

1. The dark room must be free from UV light. Windows should be blocked off completely with black plastic sheeting or wood. Black is used to keep light from reflecting and exposing film.

2. You will need light to work by in your dark room. You can find UV-filtered lights or UV-blocking films in a variety of colors. Select a light that you will see well enough to notice any dust particles or flaws in the screens.

3. Ventilation is important because a sealed room with wet screens will never dry. Placing a fan in the room will circulate air, but it will not work due to the fact that dust will pick up onto the screens. The most effective system is a dehumidifier to pull any moisture from the air. This will dry the screens quickly and completely.

4. In the darkroom you will be coating screens with emulsion and allowing the screens to dry. You will also be affixing film positives to screens for exposure. This means that you’ll need a work space for handling your screens. Horizontal storage racks will help to hold screens while they dry.