10 Facts About Our Newest Listing, ‘Fusion Bond Transfer’

Do you have a small quantity of shirts to print with many color separations?! We recommend using our Fusion Bond Transfer. This saves us time and money. Listed are 10 facts about our transfer.

1. Fusion bond transfer is a four color process transfer that sticks to all garments at 310 degrees Fahrenheit for 5 seconds.

2. After you wait 15 seconds you can peel the transfer off of the garment.

3. The outcome is bright and durable.

4. This new transfer blocks migration even on sublimated fabrics.
5. The process does not require weeding, cutting, or an under base transfer step.
6. There is great stretch for spandex products.

7. Group images of artwork on 11.5″ by 16″ image area. We have a minimum of 12 sheets.

8. Please send art to [email protected] at 300 resolution
9. Upon review of artwork, an additional art charge may apply.

10. Results are a SOFT HAND!

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